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The college search is a milestone in any student's career, and the constant college admission frenzy may leave you worried about successfully navigating this process. College Connection is here to help you find the right college to fit your needs.

With so many factors influencing the college search, it is important to find the right balance without becoming overwhelmed by all the options. College Connection will provide you with a personalized approach to finding the right college where ​you will be able to pursue your educational, social and professional goals.​​ 

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Since 2009, Ms. Baxter has worked with dozens of individual students as a consultant and knows the importance of a personalized approach to the college search. 

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Fall is the best time to begin your college search. The comprehensive advising package covers your college search from start to finish. Even if you are getting a late start to your seach, College Connection will be able to help you at any stage.

Contact College Connection today to schedule a no-obligation meeting to learn more about how we can assist with your college search.​

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If you are interested in learning more about College Connection's advising services, you may contact us by phone or email, or schedule an initial consultation meeting at no charge. This is an opportunity to discuss the student's needs and to learn how College Connection can help.​​ 

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